Consent to Transfer My Helper ( Foreign Domestic Helper )

Why do I need to submit this consent to transfer?

As a Licensed employment agency, we must ensure that you accept to transfer you helper before we are allowed to arrange interviews with potential employers.

What’s Next?

We will introduce your helper to potential employers. Once she confirm a potential employer, we will validate with you the effective date of transfer, and proceed with the work permit application. 

Upon approval, we will send you a declaration form provided by the Ministry of Manpower, it must be signed by all the parties, the helper, potential employer and yourself. There is also an option to e-sign for your convenience.  On the transfer day, we will issue the work permit to the new employer and the work permit under your name will  automatically be cancel.  We will keep you updated at all steps. 

Any Questions?

You can contact us by email @ or by phone @ 91111040