Hire a Fillipino Maid: Here are the Reasons

Filipino maids are prominent not just in Singapore but also in the UK and Middle East. In Singapore, you may hear your friends or neighbours that a Filipino maid may be more expensive than those from Myanmar or India. But what really makes them a more popular choice?

Industrious People

In general, Filipinos are hardworking people and have strong work ethics. They also value their families, and thus, when working abroad, such as being a Filipino maid, they will work hard so they can provide for their children in the home country.

Good English Speakers

They can speak English well. The Philippine’s main language of instruction in schools is English, that’s why Filipinos in general have good English skills even when they’re only at high school level. Take note though, that English in the Philippines is mainly based on American English, which have many differences in spellings and pronunciations compared to British English, from which Singaporean’s English is based.

Educated, Fast Learners

A culture that values education, it’ll be no surprise that Filipinos are often intelligent and highly qualified. As for a Filipino maid, they can be assigned more than just doing housework or cooking but also caring for your family members especially when helping children with their studies.

Courteous and Polite

Filipinos are essentially respectful and polite. So they can also be trusted with caring for the elderly. They can also help or influence your children to have good manners and right conduct as they growing up. Filipino maids understand their positions in the household, and thus, highly respect their employers and their guests.

Keep in mind that the overall character of Filipino maids will still depend on the individuals. So make it a point to interview the candidates and manage maid expectations before hiring one.

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