Benefits of having an Indian Maid

India is one of the countries approved by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower to source a foreign domestic worker (FDW) from. You’ll probably often hear from your neighbours or find information on the internet about the low cost of hiring Myanmar maids or the benefits of Filipino maids, but what about having an Indian maid? Don’t worry, as here at Jeff Maid Agency, we provide you with relevant details for you to make an informed choice.

They like to talk and are very open in conversations

Indians, in general, love to have good conversations from small talks to more serious ones like politics or conspiracies. Their animated discussions may be attributed to their oral tradition of telling stories long before written ones are made. In essence, an Indian maid is a good choice when the duties involved caring for the elderly, toddler and babies.

They can converse in English

English is the second most common language used in India, which means that you have greater chances of getting a maid who will understand you most or all the time when communicating especially when giving instructions. Moreover, Indians use British English, just like the English language used in Singapore.

The find solution to any problem

The colloquial Hindi-Urdu word “Jugaad” (temporary quick fixes) is a concept that allows Indians to find solutions, sometimes bending some rules, to any problem. It’s natural for them to do so without getting irritated or frustrated. When it comes to Indian maids, they can be initiative, resourceful and creative when completing their tasks.

They are direct to the point

For many employers, the Indian’s directness can be seen as a positive attitude to ensure an honest working relationship. Indians are highly opinionated, and thus, will have to say what they have in mind. On the other hand, this attitude may mean they might be more demanding and able to explain their way through.

Take note, however, that an Indian maid’s attitude will still depend on the individual character.

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