Things to Discuss with an Indonesian Maid Agency

At Jeff Maid Agency, we’re dedicated to providing you with a well-informed decision on your domestic helper needs. We’re not just an Indonesian maid agency. We also have maids from various countries, so make sure to let us know if you have a preferred nationality. If you’re thinking about having an Indonesian maid but are still unsure, let us inform you of the benefits you may enjoy when hiring a maid from Indonesia.

The General Characteristics of an Indonesian

Firstly, Indonesians are warm, friendly people. In fact, they’re commonly known for their huge smiles. It’s also their good humour that makes them resilient with life’s challenges. Secondly, they are courteous and polite and have high respect for the elderly. Thus, an Indonesian maid can be a great choice when duties include caring for the elderly. Most importantly, Indonesians are hardworking people. They’re less demanding, too.

Languages Spoken

Communicating in English may be a major problem with an Indonesian maid. If you’re one of the at least 10% of Singaporeans who frequently speaks Bahasa Malay at home, however, Indonesian maids are great for you. The Indonesian language closely resembles the Malay language. Some Indonesian maids may also be able to speak Chinese varieties like Cantonese, Min Nan and Hakka.

Consideration on Food

If you’re a Muslim, then your chances of hiring a maid who will complement your family’s lifestyle and daily activities are higher with someone from Indonesia. The kind of food they already knew and able to cook will be closely related to what you are use to.

The best way to find the perfect maid for your home is to inform the Indonesian maid agency, or any other maid agency, of the criteria you want from the maid.  These include the nationality, age, religion, marital status, work experience and expected salary range, among others.

If you need Indonesian maids or any other nationality, contact us today. You can also browse through our Maid Search page to explore your available options.