Affordable Maid Agency Fees

Experienced maids without loan.  We know that maids will be happier when they are paid for their hard work.

$488 Agency Fees

1 maid replacement in 6 months

$588 Agency Fees

1 maid replacement in 1 year

$688 Agency Fees

2 Maid replacement in 1 year

Having a domestic helper doesn’t have to cost so much! We understand that you have to work hard to offset the high standards of living in Singapore, and that’s why you’re looking for a foreign domestic worker (FWD) to look after your home while you’re in the office. Or maybe, you’re looking for someone to care for your babies, small children or elderly.

You don’t have to worry, as our range of affordable maid agency fees will surely help you lower your costs. Whether you want new/fresh maids, experienced ones or even transfer maids, you can never go wrong when you choose Jeff Maid Agency for your FWD requirements. What’s more is that all our packages even let you replace your maids until you can find one that suits your household and your home perfectly.

And the best part is we have promotional rates for you to take advantage! That’s definitely a massive savings for you.

Our maid agency fees are extremely affordable and we offer packages that are well within the reach of a common man. We understand your requirements and can thoroughly empathize with your situation. So, whether you need to care for your little ones or need caregivers for elderly family members, we are just a phone call away.

We offer 3 different packages to fulfil your needs. If you need fresh or new maids from any nationality, our maid agency fees are only $99. And if you choose to hire ex-Singapore or ex-abroad maids belonging to any nationality, we charge a maid agency fee of $388. To pick transfer maids from all nationalities, you can choose our package for $688.

The competitive maid agency fees at Jeff Maid Agency make us one of the most desired service providers in this segment. We try to meet your requirements without burdening you with hefty maid agency fees. Moreover, all the packages provide the option for unlimited replacements and you can change maids until you are completely satisfied with the service. 

Services Available at Jeff Maid Agency

At Jeff Maid Agency, we believe in offering specialized services. As a result, we help you to select maids who can offer different types of services. Apart from helping you with household chores, here’s what you can also hire maids for:

  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Baby care
  • Elderly care

And the best part is we have promotional rates for you to take advantage of! That’s definitely a massive savings for you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and enquire about our maid agency fees or any other queries. 

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