MOM Maid Agency

Jeff Maid Agency is your one-stop solution for a helping hand at home. We provide a wide selection of trained and professional maids ready to deliver their best services. A renowned MOM maid agency in Singapore, you can trust us to find the most appropriate helpers for your home. Whether you are looking for child care specialists or cooking and cleaning helpers, we are ready to find the perfect match.

As a former officer of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), <Singapore, our founder Jeff is aware of industry standards and we strive to ensure top-notch services to all our clients. We are a licensed MOM maid agency based in Singapore and we help you to choose domestic helpers who are perfectly capable of meeting your requirements.

Here’s a list of tasks you can hire domestic helpers for:

  1. Elderly Care
  2. Child Care
  3. Household Chores
  4. Cooking
  5. Cleaning

What Makes Jeff Maid Agency the Perfect Choice?

Jeff Maid Agency is a licensed MOM maid agency in Singapore and we are dedicated to find the perfect match for your household. No matter what your requirement is, we will search for a maid who can fulfil all the duties with utmost care and patience. We also help you to pick maids from different nationalities.

Maids from Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India work with our agency. You can also find transfer maids and helpers who have experience of working in Singapore or other countries.

Due to their extensive experience in this field, the maids have the right mindset and capabilities to deliver their best services. Moreover, we help you to find maids who are friendly, polite, courteous and fast learners. 

We also have a pool of transfer maids who are already working in Singapore. They are highly desirable for many families because they have worked and stayed in this country for a long time and understand their lifestyle. It is quite easy to hire them as they are already working in the country and have valid documents to continue working.

Affordable MOM Maid Agency in Singapore

Jeff Maid Agency offers competitive rates and agency fees for hiring maids in <Singapore<. We have 3 packages that allow you to choose maids without burdening yourself with high agency fees. We understand the financial constraints faced by families and therefore, aim to offer affordable services in <Singapore. We also offer unlimited replacement of maids until you are completely satisfied with one.