4 Reasons to choose a Myanmar Maid

Jeff is not just a Myanmar maid agency but also a source of maids from other countries as well. We’re dedicated to providing you with a well-informed choice, and thus, when you specifically ask about having a Myanmar maid, we’ll give you reasons to hire one.

To begin, Myanmar maids are said to be the least demanding of all maids from other countries. See further below for more reasons.

They are friendly

Myanmars are generally known for their genuine interest in a person even at a first meeting. This comes from their concept that the people they meet in this life are their friends in a previous life. For that reason, having a Myanmar maid can be a wise choice when you’re looking for someone to help with caring for elderly, toddlers and/or babies.

They are sweet tempered

A defining quality of the people of Myanmar is that they rarely show anger and other strong emotions in public, and thus, they don’t lose temper easily. If they do, it means that the situation is serious. In essence, they have positive feelings of kindness and sympathy, which add more reasons to choose Myanmar maids for caregiving tasks.

They value obligations

Myanmar people have a sense of pride, which enables them to value their obligations to people especially employers. When treated fairly and respectfully, a Myanmar maid will serve your household well. On the other hand, and just like any other Burmese, she will leave when treated unjustly by the employer. In the worst case, she will leave you regardless of whatever salary and other financial benefits you may have to offer.

They are quick learners

It’s true that the language barrier can be a major hindrance in communicating with a Myanmar maid, but you as an employer can use simple English to give instructions. Once they understand what needs to be done, you’ll be surprised at how quickly they learn. This ability, complemented with their helpful, friendly and sweet tempered characteristics, will make Myanmar maids a great choice for your home.

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