Tips on Getting a Maid

Step 1

Listing down your criteria and duties of maid

Step 2

Interview and manage the maid expectation

Step 3

Provide house rules and a schedule for the maid to follow daily

3 step of getting a good maid

1. List of Criteria :

Nationality / Age / Religion / Salary Range / experienced or not / Marital status / have own children or not 

List of Maid duties :

General chores / care for infant / care for young children / care for elderly / care for pets

2. Interview & Manage Maid Expectation

Interview the maids and always look out for good character. 

Let the maid know your expectation like cleanliness / usage of phone limited to / number of rest days / working hours / Cctv / maid rest room

3. House rules & maid daily schedule

Download sample of house rule