Transfer Maids

There are different kinds of maids you can hire for your home and/or family members. If you want someone who can work with less supervision, however, you may want to choose a transfer maid especially one who is currently working in Singapore.

A transfer maid Singapore worker is one who is currently looking for a new employer because her existing contract with another employer has untimely ended. There are many reasons why this happen e.g. the elderly being cared for has passed away, the children being cared for has grown up or the employer is leaving the country. Another reason may be both maids and employer cannot get along like in the case when employer wants a new maid.

Regardless of the reason the contract was ended, transfer maids remain high in demand among Singaporeans for several reasons.

1. They are fast to hire

They are already working in Singapore, and thus, they have undergone the necessary programmes to be hired. In short, they’re readily available. They’re just changing employers, unlike new/fresh maids who still need to travel from their home country and undergo training programmes.

2. They are experienced

With a transfer maid, you can be sure that she has the experience to perform the household duties you assigned to her e.g. cooking, house work, elderly care, etc. Just inform her of the general goals of her duties and she’ll have the initiative to carry out her work.

3. They still have positive working attitude

Most maids in Singapore come from other countries. So when they’re here in the country for work away from their families, they have the determination to make the most of their job contract. So when their contract is cut short, the next employer can benefit from their enthusiasm and dedication to work.

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Ministry Rules to Obtain New Transfer Maid in Singapore

If you want to hire transfer maids in Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower specifies some guidelines for the employer as well as the employee. Both parties must abide by the stipulated rules before changing employment. A separate set of rules have been stated for the current and the new employer.

Let’s take a look at the things that you need to know.

Steps to Release Transfer Maid in Singapore by Current Employer

1. To release a transfer maid, the current employer must send the worker for the 6-monthly medical examination.
2. A Declaration Form sent by the new employer or agency must be filled and duly signed by the current employer, agreeing to the transfer.
3. All dues accrued, till the transfer, must be paid to the helper. Even if she goes back to the employment agency and is awaiting transfer, you need to continue to pay her dues.
4. The levy billing will be stopped immediately after the new employer issues a work permit to transfer maid in Singapore. Her existing Work Permit Card must be returned to the Ministry of Manpower by post within 1 week of the transfer. The security deposit will be released a week after the maid starts working with her new employer.

Rules to Follow for New Employer

In the case of transfer maid, the new employer must carry out two important steps 30 days prior to the expiry of the maid’s work permit.

Firstly, you should check whether the maid has completed her medical examination and secondly, apply for her new work permit. Once it is approved you will be notified about the transfer date, which is generally 1 week after the approval date.

After receiving the approval from the Ministry of Manpower, log into the site and get a Declaration Form (Agency will do on your behalf). Get it signed by the maid, her previous employer and the current employer. After submitting the form a Temporary Work Permit will be issued and the maid can start working for you. The previous work permit will be automatically cancelled thereafter.

If you want to change the transfer date, there is also a provision to do so. In that case, both the current and old employers must agree to it. The in-principle approval (IPA) received during the new application for transfer maid can be used to extend the date. As the current employer, log in to WP Online, click on ‘Extend Worker’s IPA’ function to complete the extension. A new transfer date will now show on the revised IPA letter.