Benefits of Transfer Maids

There are different kinds of maids you can hire for your home and/or family members. If you want someone who can work with less supervision, however, you may want to choose a transfer maid especially one who is currently working in Singapore.

A transfer maid Singapore worker is one who is currently looking for a new employer because her existing contract with another employer has untimely ended. There are many reasons why this happen e.g. the elderly being cared for has passed away, the children being cared for has grown up or the employer is leaving the country. Another reason may be both maids and employer cannot get along like in the case when employer wants a new maid.

Regardless of the reason the contract was ended, transfer maids remain high in demand among Singaporeans for several reasons.

1. They are fast to hire

They are already working in Singapore, and thus, they have undergone the necessary programmes to be hired. In short, they’re readily available. They’re just changing employers, unlike new/fresh maids who still need to travel from their home country and undergo training programmes.

2. They are experienced

With a transfer maid, you can be sure that she has the experience to perform the household duties you assigned to her e.g. cooking, house work, elderly care, etc. Just inform her of the general goals of her duties and she’ll have the initiative to carry out her work.

3. They still have positive working attitude

Most maids in Singapore come from other countries. So when they’re here in the country for work away from their families, they have the determination to make the most of their job contract. So when their contract is cut short, the next employer can benefit from their enthusiasm and dedication to work.

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